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I Love Like Blood


Sarah-Jane, AKA Ms Rouge, recounts her true tale of romantic intrigue in an animated comedy of errors about poetry, stalking, secret-admirers and love. She is elated when she finds an anonymous poem slipped under her door, for at the same time she is wooing a friend with love letters via text message, post and email. Could the stalkee and stalker be the very same person? Utilising a hybrid mix of analogue and digital animation, this mysterious comedy is narrated by Sarah-Jane and her four friends, and accompanied by a comedic soundtrack provided by avant garde rock act – Flamingo Crash. I love like blood is an episode from the Australian Film Commission and SBS Independent PODLOVE series initiative. It has screened at festivals including South by SouthWest, NZ Doco Festival, Shanghai Television Festival and the St Kilda FIlm Festival  


The series was one of the first digital initiative and featured online content on the SBS channel.  including  The Making of Blood, a 12 minute mockumentary available at sbs online. The documentary was a comedic exploration of the idea of playing yourself featuring all the real life platyers within the I love like blood film. It is also a parody of the process of working with a Government agency and included guest appearances by Commissioning Editor Trevor Graham and AFC’s Peter Kaufmann, sending up their own involvement in the process.



The film and digital content was also released alongside an external website, randomthoughtsonexistance.com, which was an interactive novel detailed the true experiences in a diary format.


Text Excerpt: 

It's the first time we've done it so we've not yet worked out its a completely impractical form of vandalism. But rainbow coloured paddle popsticks will look so great on grey besser brick. Me and my sister Michelle are suspiciously huddled at the inside wall of a railway overpass with hundreds of sticks and pints of pvc glue. It's pretty dark apart from the passing headlights that reveal us for the suspicious looking characters we are: the eyes in our heads twitching nervously, watching for the enemy in every direction. Sensibly we've dressed in respectable retro-girlish frocks to thrown them off the scent.
“Doesn't one  wear black when breaking the law?”.
We're nervous but we're mostly laughing cos the scene we're creating is mostly ridiculous. We're being criminally crafty at nine thirty on a Friday night in the valley, so add to the picture plenty of traffic and a regular patrol by police. Once arranged the sticks will spell out the phrase “I know what you're thinking. I agree.  There must be more”. But we're only five minutes in and all we've got is one very cool looking 'I' and half a 'K'. As i said. Completely impractical. Why not pick a more appropriate time?..A better locale? A more convenient medium? Cos we've waited and we've waited and we don't want another little obstacle to stop us from doing something. You know? ... doing something about the state of consciousness. You have to keep starting somewhere and as Moloko said the time is now.
It's taken us this long but we've got a system. Michelle's putting the glue on the sticks and passing them to me who's fastening them to the wall. We're attempting to be lightning fast but it's messy and the sticks take some encouragement to grab the wall. But fuck it's looking cool. Rainbow preschoolesque art? infiltrating the council's minimalist functionality.
We figure we're pushing our luck with 45 minutes straight at the task and anyway, it's raining. We take a cigarette break in Michelle's whitehatchback listening to the epic sounds of lamb as we blow the smoke out a little gap in the window struggling to keep the rain outside. Like we've done together a thousand times before.  But we're itching to get it done cos its was looking so great so within ten we're back at the wall.
We've got so far...I know what you're thinking, I agree. There must ...... i mean its almost done and it looks so great. I'm imagining the effect these words will have upon passers-by, the questions they will ask themselves. Mostly, why would anyone bother to do it?
Then this dark blue car speeds up and pulls up. Some guy leans out the window from the back seat as shouts somewhat cheekily: “busted”. We're way more de-sensitised than when we started  after negotiating the interest of a dozen or so passers by. This is generally the most interesting parts of an illegal art operation – talking to the strangers who catch you in the act. I remember pasting new words over a Luxury Car Dealership billboard and two drunk men joining in the scene. In a slurred appeal one of them says... “Leave them, they're just trying to  do something good”. This is not one of those cases.
At first i don't realise it's the cops and i just keep on gluing. Then they become the cops – all jumping out the four doors simultaneously revealing those tell-tale blue uniforms. Damm....busted!  “We're creating a message for the community” i tell them probably too quickly, using the imperative action defence. They don't buy it.
Here's the summary of conversation, it's longer than this but this is the gist:

Me:             We're taking action and spreading a 
                message of optimism for 
                all of Brisbane to enjoy.
Chick Cop:      What does it say then?...
Me:             I know what you're thinking...i agree. 
                There must be more.
Chick Cop:      Nup, doesn't mean anything to me. leave 
                your positive statements off public property.
Me:             We are the public
Boy Cop:        Take it up with council
Me:             You think this would survive the red tape?
Michelle:       Don't you think it looks beautiful?
Boy Cop:        It's vandalism.
Chick Cop:      We could charge you with property destruction
Me:             We feel the property has been improved.
We keep this banter going until they realise they don't have to have this conversation with us, they're the police.  They take down our namesand addresses – this is where we're meant to be intimidated. The chick is definitely the bad cop and she's making sure we know it. The guy iscompletely unthreatened.
Boy Cop:        You going to have to pull every stick down.
Chick Cop:      If there's any still here later tonight we'll come get you.
We're pulling the sticks from the concrete as the police jump back into their vehicle and drive off to continue saving the world from vandalsand other no-good citizens. To be thwarted in our mission only moments from its execution is shattering. The removal of each stick hurts, notjust cos the skin on my fingers is scrapping against the concrete but cos we're destroying our street masterpiece. I didn't even get to take a photo.

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